White Water Rafting Trips
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Don't Miss Out On Oregon's White Water Rafting Trips

If you’ve never been on a rafting trip, then now is a great time to take a chance and go for it!  There are many white water rafting trips available in Oregon that will “knock your socks off”!  There are trips for experienced rafters as well as for beginners just itching to test the waters.  The Rogue River is one of the best places to enjoy Oregon’s white water rafting trips.  It won’t disappoint you in your quest for the trip of a lifetime.

There are several rafting companies along the Rogue that are ready and able to help you book your adventure.  They want you to thoroughly enjoy your trip down the river because it is one of the most scenic rivers in the state.  It has been protected for over 40 years by the federal government so it remains one of the most pristine vacation destinations for rafters, campers, hikers and others. 

The Rogue River will let you relax comfortably in your raft while floating along its calm waters.  If you want a more thrilling adventure on the Rogue, then you’ll want to start your rafting adventure at Grave Creek.  The section of the river between Grave Creek and Foster Bar provides excellent scenery while at the same time gives you a wild and challenging white water ride.  You’ll find yourself in calm pools and then, suddenly, you are flying through spectacular and heart stopping white water rapids at breathtaking speeds. 

As you are floating along in the calm pools, take a look over at the shore.  You may likely see a black bear, a blue heron or even an elk or deer grazing by the river.  Look right into the river as well.  There are many playful otters and colorful fish that will keep you occupied for hours.  Take time to study the vegetation that grows along the banks of the river.  You’re likely to see magnificent Madrona trees, mossy overhangs, huckleberries and a vast variety of lush and colorful plant life. 

White water rafting trips in Oregon offer something for everyone.  Thousands of people visit Oregon’s rivers each year and are amazed at how beautiful and pristine they are.  The Rogue River outshines the rest for its beauty, tranquility and wonderful and challenging white waters!