White Water Kayaking
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Safety And White Water Kayaking

You should never attempt to go white water kayaking unless you are well prepared and have been educated on all the safety precautions you need to take.  This is a fun sport but can be very dangerous if you don’t follow some simple safety rules.  Know the rules well ahead of time.  Doing so may very likely save your life!

First and foremost, don’t ever take unnecessary chances.  Be honest and only attempt to maneuver white water that is appropriate for your own skill level.  You need to be in control at all times and, if you are not experienced enough, you can find yourself in a very dangerous situation if the white water is too much for you.  Not only that, you endanger others as well if they have to take part in rescuing you.  

Always wear a life jacket or life vest when you are kayaking.  This is the most important piece of equipment to have when you are out on white water (or any water, for that matter.)  Water on rivers is very unpredictable so life jackets are an absolute must.  You just never know what could happen if you suddenly find yourself in treacherous river water. 

Another absolute necessity to have when kayaking white water is a sturdy helmet.  There are many rocks in a river and the last thing you want to do is get knocked unconscious.  Wearing a helmet will prevent or at least lessen serious head injuries.  Be sure to wear appropriate clothing as well.  This is vitally important when you are rafting in very cold water.  Hypothermia can be life threatening, so wearing the proper gear is essential for your well-being.   Wear a wetsuit if the water is extremely cold; otherwise, wear some kind of water repellent clothing to keep you comfortable.  This includes boots and water proof shoes.       

White water kayaking also requires you to have a first aid kit along for emergencies.  And, as with any water sport, it is always advisable to have a kayaking “partner” at all times.  If something drastic happens, you need to have a backup person to help you.  Don’t take any unnecessary chances – Prepare yourself well before embarking on your exciting kayaking journey.