Royal Gorge Rafting
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Exciting And Invigorating Royal Gorge Rafting

Royal Gorge rafting offers the very best in Colorado’s whitewater rafting adventures.    It is the best way to enjoy the thrill of a spectacular and beautiful trip down the Arkansas River.   Everyone from children to senior citizens will never forget their trip down this gorgeous river.  It is the experience of a lifetime for most people and something that they will talk about for years!

There are many rafting adventure outfitters that provide experienced guides and safe rafts to take you on this ultimate adventure.  Most of them are reputable and want only the very best for you and your family.  They strive to give you the best value for the money you spend on the trip.  The guides they hire not only have to be mature and experienced, they also have to have a sense of humor, wonderful communication skills and some basic medical training.  In order to remain in business, rafting companies make sure that the people they hire will be remembered fondly by rafters and others.  Maintaining a stellar reputation is one of the primary goals of reputable rafting outfitters.

The Royal Gorge in Colorado is famous throughout the world.  Not only will you get a thrilling experience, you will see some of the most beautiful scenery around.  In addition, wildlife is abundant and found in several places on and near the river.  As you raft down the river, you will look up at 1200 foot sheer cliff calls.  You’ll even see a suspension bridge along the way where onlookers will cheer you on!   Some of the places that offer the best whitewater rafting are the Narrows, Sledgehammer and Sunshine Falls.   Don’t miss these if you’re game for a very, very challenging and spectacular ride. 

Many of the outfitters and rafting companies in the Gorge offer many extras to make your trip that much more spectacular.  They provide many types of excursions from day trips to trips that last several days.  Most companies provide an extra raft or kayak that follows along with you just in case there is an emergency.  Some have professional photographers along also so that you don’t have to worry about a soaked camera.  Most of the gear that you’ll need is supplied by the company and is included in the price of your trip.  Royal Gorge rafting offers many things that will make you wonder why you waited so long to go on this fabulous adventure.