Ocoee River Rafting
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Going On A Ocoee River Rafting Trip

Tennessee offers one of the best things to do when you are planning a vacation that you want to be different from all the rest.  Ocoee river rafting trips will give you one of the biggest thrills of your lifetime even if you are a beginning rafter.  The Ocoee River is one of Tennessee’s biggest tourist draws because it has plenty of things to do along with excellent whitewater rafting.

You can take short or long trips along the river and will probably be invigorated (and exhausted!) at the end of the day.  There is challenging Class IV rapids at some stretches along the river and they will wake you up for sure!  Rapids such as Blue Hole and Mikeys will excite you no end.  You may even go through a long series of Class IV rapids, one after the other, for a heart stopping adventure!  Your experienced guides will get you through these challenging rapids and you’ll hardly believe you came out without a scratch!   

As the day goes on, you will also be rafting through some calmer areas and will stop along the way somewhere for lunch.  This is a great time to take a short hike to stretch your weary muscles and to see some of the beautiful scenery that can be found away from the river.  Rafting companies are known for the hearty lunches they provide and you for sure will be full before starting out on the remainder of your trip.  Because you’ll be helping to maneuver the raft down the river, you will easily burn up some of the calories you acquired at lunch!  You will encounter more whitewater as you move down the river and will finally end up at a takeout spot.  From here, you will be bussed back to your starting location and perhaps have a few minutes to catch your breath after a hard, but thrilling, day. 

Book your vacation today by calling an Ocoee River rafting company.  The company will give you all the information you need to make this vacation one of the best you have ever had.  Of course, they want you to return again and again, so they will make sure that the service they provide meets and exceeds all of your expectations.