Ocoee Rafting
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Tennessee's Ocoee Rafting Adventures

The beautiful state of Tennessee has one of the best rivers to go rafting on.  Ocoee rafting offers spectacular whitewater rafting trips that will never be forgotten.  Several reputable rafting companies offer trips that will give you an adventure in paradise.  Their guides and rafts are of the highest quality and will make your vacation something that will be one of the fondest memories you’ll ever have.

The Ocoee River provides not only wild white water thrills, it also has many pristine swimming holes and fishing areas that can’t be beat.  It is a fun place to be and has rafting trips that will make your vacation the best you’ve ever had.  Most river rafting companies provide lunches along the way for their day trips and provide short hiking trips as well.  You will see beautiful and lush vegetation right along with gorgeous waterfalls and wildlife. 

Your rafting trip on the Ocoee is suitable for anyone and no experience is needed.  You and your family can enjoy a thrilling ride because your guide will be there to help you along the way.  There are Class III and Class IV rapids that will give you a wonderful ride and offer some challenges as well.  Along the river are many fun spots to play and frolic.  That is why the Ocoee River has been the choice of many rafters for decades.  There are over 20 rapids that you will encounter on your trip, making the thrill of adventure just around the next bend! 

The Ocoee River is located inside the Cherokee National Forest and flows through a scenic gorge that is beautiful to look at.  The rafting trips available on the river are limited to certain months of the year so booking ahead of time is a must.  Most trips run during the months of April, May, June, July, August, September and October.  This is the best time to enjoy everything that the river has to offer.  Best of all, the weather is generally cooperative during these months. 

 Ocoee rafting is one of the best things you can do when you are in Tennessee.  Take the plunge today and book one of the most exciting adventures that you’ll ever have a chance to experience.