Kern River Rafting
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Wild Kern River Rafting!

Once you have bought your sunscreen, your waterproof camera, your sun visor, your sun glasses, protective goggles and water-resistant shoes it’s time to book your Kern River rafting trip.  The Kern River flows through southern California and is an excellent destination for anyone who wants to go for a fun and exciting river ride. 

The Kern River has its beginning high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Southern California.  The best and most exciting place to raft the river is in Kernville, California.  Ideal white water rafting is in the spring and is found in the higher stretches of the river.  As summer comes to an end, Kernville offers some great rafting as well.  There are even some hot springs to jump into after a long day of rafting. 

Your entire family will be welcome on the river.  The Kern is a wonderful place to have fun and give your family a spectacular vacation.  The teamwork needed on a rafting trip will bring you and your loved ones closer together in a real bonding experience.  Your children will not only have fun but will learn responsibility as well.  In addition, you will give them a valuable education by exposing them to the wildlife and flora this is so abundant along the river. 

People and nature connecting together is what rafting is all about.  Experienced guides are more than willing to share insights into the fascinating world of rafting.  They provide instruction to their customers before even leaving the shore.  Rafting companies along the Kern River make sure that the equipment they use is in top shape and that they are prepared should an emergency occur. 

You should be able to find just the right rafting tour that fits your expectations and your pocketbook.  By escaping to the beautiful Kern River, you will leave your cares and worries behind.  A relaxing and invigorating ride down the Kern will keep your mind occupied on other things besides work, bills and so on.  Kern River rafting is the right choice when you want to get away from it all and have some real fun!