Gauley River Rafting
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The Thrill Of Gauley River Rafting

West Virginia has an amazing adventure just waiting for you to try.  Gauley River rafting is a way for you to experience one of the most exciting ways to “make your day”!  Hop into a raft and you’re on your way for a thrilling ride and an educational experience.  Attacking the Gauley River Canyon by riding through its spectacular whitewater river rapids is breathtaking and an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

The Gauley River has challenging rapids but also provides thrilling rides for all skill levels.  Children and older and less fit adults can experience this amazing sport safely by taking a trip on more calm sections of the river.  Family vacations for several days are available as are ½ day, full day and overnight trips.  What a great way to give your family something that they can take home and never, ever forget!

Some outfitters on the Gauley River not only provide rafting adventures, they also have horseback riding, winter sleigh rides, kayaking, hiking and fishing trips available.  This makes your vacation all that much more interesting and fun for everyone no matter what their interests and skills are.  How can anyone resist sitting around a campfire at night talking about all the fun things they did that day?   And those hot dogs and marshmallows can’t be beat!

The professional rafting companies on the river are reputable and provide only the most experienced guides and skilled employees.  They are friendly, knowledgeable and excellent communicators.  Before being allowed to guide a trip down the river, they are trained in all safety precautions, including appropriate medical training.  Reputable companies want their customers to return, so they offer only the very best in customer service.  Returning clientele and word of mouth keeps them in business. 

West Virginia won’t disappoint you.  Its Gauley River rafting trips will provide you with the outdoor adventure you have always dreamed of.  The river offers as much white water as you want while at the same time giving less-adventurous travelers a fun ride over calmer waters.