Colorado River Rafting
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Why Not Try Colorado River Rafting?

Go ahead – be adventurous and try going on a fantastic Colorado river rafting trip.  The beautiful state of Colorado offers some of the best rafting adventures in the country and has trips for every ability level.  Colorado has beautiful mountains and rivers that are just waiting to be explored.  Beautiful rivers wind their way down into mountain valleys and provide some exciting whitewater adventures along the way.  Rivers such as the Arkansas, Colorado, North Platte and Dolores are just waiting for you to get on a raft and feel the excitement that goes along with this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

If you’re not a Class V river rafter, then you might want to consider taking a less-thrilling ride down the river.  Almost everyone can tolerate a Class III river and even a Class I or II river makes a great float trip for families and the “faint at heart”.  Before you go, do some serious planning and do your homework.  Ask for information from the state of Colorado and from some of its rafting companies.  Rafting is one of the best tourist draws in the state so there is lots of information available for you to browse through. 

It’s really not feasible to go to Colorado without experiencing the thrill of a white water rafting trip.  Try finding a rafting company that offers trips on the Arkansas River because that is where you’ll find the most “white” water in the state.  Go to Canon City, Colorado, and check with some reputable outfits.  One great choice is Whitewater Adventure Outfitters.  This company has an experienced staff of guides who are well trained in the latest rafting techniques.  This company has an excellent safety record which is something that you definitely want.  Never take a chance and select an inexperienced company to guide you down the river. 

Colorado also has many rafting trips that are perfect for all ages and ability levels.  Even novice rafters can find a rafting trip that will accommodate their needs.  Whitewater Adventure Outfitters has special trips for beginners and is an excellent choice for children.  Why not plan this year’s family vacation around an adventure that will never be forgotten?  Colorado river rafting is a perfect vacation choice because it offers fun and excitement for everyone in your family.