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Is Rafting Right For Me?

If you’re not the adventurous type, then you probably think that a river rafting trip wouldn’t work for you.  Well, think no further because going on one of these trips doesn’t take a lot of skill.  Even families (including small children) enjoy the thrill of the river every year.  A raft trip is one of the most popular ways to spend a day, an overnight or even an extended vacation.  There are certain rivers throughout the United States that will give you a great ride and at the same time not cause your heart to stop!

There are two rivers in Utah that you will find enjoyable.  The San Juan River in southeast Utah is very slow running and has very few rapids.  It’s a good place to get started in the sport and at the same gives you beautiful cliffs and canyons to look at.  Another river, the Green River in eastern Utah, offers you a peaceful ride and has spectacular wildlife along its path. 

The Chattooga River is in Georgia and provides moderate Class II, Class III and Class IV rapids.  If you are a history buff, then this is the trip for you because you will float past many historical areas.  Also in the eastern United States, North Carolina has the Nantahala River with easy Class II and Class III rapids. 

For a river that has a wide variety of rapids, try going to the Cache La Poudre in Colorado.  It is fully protected by the National Wildlife Service so you will get the opportunity to see a vast variety of endangered species.  The flora here is plentiful and beautiful to see. 

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, has great whitewater trips that are suitable for novices to experienced adventurers.  Some are short “get your feet wet” trips while others last for many days.  Wildlife is abundant and is often seen from the comfort of your raft. 

These are just a few of the rivers that will give you the ultimate river rafting experience.  There are many more calm rivers all over America that have something to offer you as a beginner.  Go online and check out some of the river raft sites for your state.   Who knows?  There may be the perfect river “in your own backyard”!